Service SLA

The technical services Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures every customer has access to adequate technical resources during all operation conditions.

Response and Resolution Times

Trouble Priority Resonse Resolutio Escalation Threshold
Service not available (all users and functions unavailable). 1 Within 1 hour ASAP - Best Effort 2 hours
Significant degradation of service (large number of users or business critical functions affected). 2 Within 4 hours ASAP - Best Effort 8 hours
Limited degradation of service (limited number of users or functions affected, business process can continue). 3 Within 24 hours ASAP - Best Effort 48 hours
Small service degradation (business process can continue, one user affected). 4 Within 48 hours ASAP - Best Effort 96 hours

Support Tiers

Tier Description
1 All support incidents begin in Tier 1, where the initial trouble ticket is created, and the issue is identified and clearly documented, and basic hardware/software troubleshooting is initiated.
2 All support incidents that cannot be resolved with Tier 1 Support are escalated to Tier 2, where more complex support on hardware/software issues can be provided by more experienced Engineers.
3 Support incidents that cannot be resolved by Tier 2 Support are escalated to Tier 3, where support is provided by the most qualified and experienced Engineers who have the ability to collaborate with 3rd party (Vendor) Support Engineers to resolve the most complex issues.

Service Escalation

Azzaron Service Escalation

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